The Intuitive Investor was a Book of the Year finalist as named by the folks at ForeWord Reviews in the Business and Economics category! The book was chosen from among 350 publishers submitting 1,400 entries.
The Intuitive Investor is a fresh and daring examination of the
mind’s role in investment decisions, and decision making in general. And like a good investment, it potentially offers returns well beyond its original promise.
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Jason Apollo Voss retired at the age of 35 as co-portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation & Income Fund, which bested the S&P 500 by 49.1% during his tenure, was Lipper #1, and one of the first ten funds awarded Morningstar’s Stewardship Grade “A”.

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What My Intuition Tells Me Now is that rarest of investing resources: expert, insightful, prescient, clearly written, ethical, and bold. Voss is equal parts analysis and art. Most notably he accurately called the 9 March 2009 Great Recession low on the DJIA.

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Jason Apollo Voss is a dynamic speaker who is expert in many subjects, ranging from perennial investment topics – financial statement analysis and valuation – to idea generation, the limits of mental models, frontiers of behavioral finance, creativity, intuition, and meditation.

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